Succesful Installation in Luton

Installation at Saints Super Store was very successful.

The owner of Saints Super Store called and inquired us about our services. Before going in through the details of our products, we asked if there were CCTVs installed in the shop and indeed there was but it’s obsolete.

The customer highlighted that he needs to playback the video before he can access and view all the happenings in the shop. He found a hard time detecting faces and see details because of the low quality of his CCTV cameras. Furthermore, he then mentioned some events that made him want to install new security cameras.

Aside from customers stealing items, his staff had also an issue about handling their cash. He also had a problem dealing with deliveries from supplier that doesn’t match from what he ordered. There are also instances that abusive customers are making a scene in his shop considering that his employees had work issues as well. Moreover, there are also kids vandalising the rear of the shop which he cannot notice during work.

With the unfortunate events happened at Saint Superstore, is back in action. We act fast to save the shop from these issues.

The owner requested for a budget friendly price so we offered him our camera system package. It includes Hybrid DVR that serves as the central processing unit of the security cameras. 1 Terabyte Hard Disk Drive is also included. So goes with USB mouse, HDMI cable and more.

After the installation, the owner had a relief from the stressful events. He can now have an easy access to his mobile phone. One thing that he love, he is already in full control of every corner in his shop. With the HD quality, he can now clearly see the future of his business.

If you want our services then visit our website or gives us a call at 01582207257.

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installation iProx HD

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