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First of all, analog cameras or the traditional CCTVs are considered obsolete. Aside from having low video and image quality, it cannot secure and protect your business further.

If you want to upgrade your analog camera, then choose HD Analog Cameras or IP (Internet Protocol) cameras.

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What are Analog HD Cameras?

These are security cameras that can record High Definition Video. If you wish to upgrade your analog camera without changing the wiring and better quality, then analog HD cameras are great for you.

Here are some features of Analog HD Cameras:

  1. This camera is suitable for small to medium residential or commercial installations.
  2. It runs in coaxial cable
  3. It has 1080 pixel entry level of high definition
  4. Has night-vision infrared
  5. It comes with vandal resistant metallic housing
  6. Budget friendly camera that can give you an excellent protection quality.

When you upgrade your analog cameras to HD level then you will be blown away by its quality. It can already view details from afar because of its HD resolution. Also, it is simple to use and is cost-effective.

What are IP Cameras?

These are network cameras that can transmit video and audio via your network or with the use of internet cables. IP cameras are much better than the Analog HD cameras when it comes to better resolution.

Here are its features that makes IP cameras better than Analog HD cameras:

  1. It has 4MP Hi definition video quality
  2. It produces 2550 x 1440 pixels which is greater than Analog HD cameras which has 1080 pixels
  3. Has the ability to send video and images directly to your email
  4. Can be connected to your Google Drive
  5. These are powered by POE (Power Over Ethernet) using one CAT 6 Cable
  6. Can be access using your smartphone

These are just some of the superb features of IP cameras. If you want to know more about IP cameras then check out our website for more details.

IP cameras produce an excellent video quality because of its technological features. Along with it, you can view it using your mobile phone. Furthermore, these IP cameras can go wireless because it will automatically connect via IP address.

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