iProx HD-TVI Bullet camera | HD 1080p | 2.1 Mega Pixel Sony | 20M night Vision| Coaxial Cable HD

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  • Home security camera | Home & Business Use
  • 1080P X 960 P Entry level HD high resolution
  • 2.1 Mega Pixels Sony CMOS Image sensor
  • Entry level HD camera that works on existing coaxial cable without having to run CAT5/6 cables
  • Suitable for many small-residential & light commercial installations
  • Best for upgrading from old CCTV to High definition without changing the old wiring
  • IR Cut with Night vision infrared
  • Wide Dynamic range (DWDR)
  • Low illumination
  • On Screen Display
  • 3D Noice reduction
  • Vandal resistant metallic housing
  • Compact modern design that will blend in with many building exteriors
  • Outdoor & Indoor use

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IProx CCTV HD-tvi camera is designed for home & business


This is an entry level HD 1080p High Resolution CCTV camera.

If you are looking for a low-cost budget option for entry-level high-resolution CCTV camera system, well this is the right choice. It’s small and compact to fit into many exteriors as it comes in white. It is good for small house CCTV installation job or a small corner shop CCTV installation.

We have Sold 1000’s of these mini HD -TVI cameras in the past and its a really durable and high quality. It comes in a vandal resistant metal housing and it is Fully waterproof to IP66 standards. Only about 155mm X 75mm X 68MM in size with a 3.6mm lens.

It has up to 20 Meter night vision which makes it suitable for many households and small commercial jobs.


Ideal places to install?

 Mid Terrace 

alley way end of terrace


Deciding the best place to install the camera is important to capture the best view. We also have to consider the wiring from the recorder box down to the cameras. This can be a sort of a challenge at times especially you’re living in a mid terrace property.





                   3 Bed Semi Type         

semi detached



In a 3 Bed Semi type, iProx HD- TVI Bullet is a good option. This is not expensive and has a decent quality.

If your front drive is approximately 6×6 meters, install the camera at 2.5 -3 meter high since this is a good coverage and perfect for facial visibility.

Install one at a higher length (5-6 meters) closer to the gutter pipe. At this height, you can get the general overview of the area where people came in and out.




cctv for alley way cctv for alley way


In the alleyway, I will advise to install 1 camera at a height of 2.5 to 3 meters high. As a result you can view all activities in the area.

Remember to install the camera facing the direction to wear people can easily get through to the rear of property.

Now if both sides are an easy access to the alley then you can install 2 cameras facing each direction.




security cameras for the rear of the house


The rear of the house can be a bit challenging but it is very important to get this right because majority of break-ins happen in this area.
Number of cameras will vary to how your rear is designed. Either this can be flat, or combination of conservatory and extension.
Take a look at some of these examples, if the rear of your house is like this therefore you can install one camera.




But if it is like this, you will need at least two

cctv cameras for the rear of the house extension  cctv for rear of the house




FInally, If it is like this, you need to cover the area above the flat roof as well in addition to the ground floor area so that means you will need about 3.

Overall you will need between 4-6 CCTV HD TVI cameras to get a good coverage. Along with these cameras, you will need a Digital Video recorder unit (DVR) to connect these home security cameras. If you think you might want to add more than 4 cameras or upgrade it to IP cameras, its best to go for 8 Channel Hybrid DVR. This works with all types of cameras & will make your installation future proof.

Have a look at our blog and other articles to see more tips and guides on how to install CCTV to get the best coverage.

In addition, have a look at the quality of our iProx HD-TVI Camera.


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