8Channel Hybrid Video recorder for HD on Coaxial cameras + IP digital cameras | Analouge CCTV+IP

£212.00 £165.00 Inc VAT

  • Connect 8 analog CCTV & 8 IP Cameras
  • Up to 16Camera connections for the price of 8
  • Hybrid CCTV 8channel DVR with IP
  • Connect 5 types of CCTV Cameras
  • HD-TVI | HD-CVI | Analog HD | Analog| IP
  • Best for upgrading CCTV without new wiring
  • Audio recording & Audio Out
  • HDMI connections for CCTV displays
  • VGA connections for monitors
  • BNC (CVBS) connections for coax Monitors/displays
  • 3 Screen connections
  • Dynamic DNS, SMTP Email server & P2P Client built in
  • Google Drive & Drop Box Sync for events
  • Motion detect recording
  • Up to 6TB HDD Storage Mount


A Fully Hybrid Digital Video recorder that will allow you to connect up to 8 analog CCTV cameras on coaxial cables ( with 8 BNC connections at the rear of the recorder)  PLUS up to 8 IP Network Cameras all in one single box.  So that means you can have a 16 camera system up and running for the price of a 8 channel video recorder.

What type of CCTV cameras work with this hybrid DVR?

  • Standard analog CCTV cameras that you had installed for few years ( remember the days when you measure clarity by 420 TV lines, 700TV Lines, 800TVL,900TVL,1200TVL etc…?) yes so all of that can be connected to this
  • Recent arrivals such as HD-TVI ( high definition on standard coaxial wire cameras)
  • HD-CVI Similar to above
  • AHD (analog high definition)
  • And finally, future-proof IP cameras, even HIKVISION brand cameras & Any other cameras that are compliant with Onvif standard (majority of the IP cameras out there are compatible with Onvif)

When to chose this Video Recorder unit?

  • Mainly designed to work with our HD-TVI range analog cameras (both HD TVI Bullet& Dome) work on coaxial cables. So this is good for a small to medium residential and light commercial jobs where you want to keep the cost down by using the HD-TVI Eco range while getting entry level high definition quality, but also want the option to add few IP cameras in the future for more important areas
  • Upgrading your Shop or Home CCTV cameras but don’t want to spend time& money to re-install all wiring to new CAT cabling? well, this is the right choice for you then. you can re-use some of the old standard (like 700TVL) cameras, change some of the others into HD-TVI and re-connect to same coaxial cable & install few IP cameras for more important areas like Cashiers till to see cash handling & transactions.
  • suitable for all other types of mid-range & budget installations

Ok so let’s look at the technical specs

  • it has a HDMI video out for modern CCTV Display screes, VGA Output for your old PC monitor & even a BNC output for that ancient CCTV monitor
  • H.264 Video compression
  • Can take one audio microphone into record voice & has a one audio output
  • HD quality recording up to 1080P
  • You can preview at 1080p or 720P
  • Dynamic DNS & an email Server built in to send you notifications on motion detect
  • Has 2 X USB ports and a 1 X RJ45 Port for network
  • Up to 6TB Hard Disc drives can be connected
  • Comes with a full-blown state of the art Central management software for your PC for more advanced video management with the license.
  • Size of the unit is 273mm X 220mm X 55mm
  •  Remote access to the unit from anywhere in the world from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC
  • to connect IP cameras to this unit you will need a network switch, unlike our 8Channel POE NVR this doesn’t have any POE ports built in to plug IP camera directly.


Whats the difference between this 8 channel Hybrid DVR & 8Channel POE NVR (network video recorder) & why should I buy an NVR (which is only for IP cameras) when i can buy a Hybrid DVR for almost the same price?

  • 8 Channel POE NVR is specially designed for High Definition IP cameras, it can record super high definition cameras up to 8 Mega Pixels ( 4K) whereas this hybrid DVR can only record up to 1080P resolution
  • 8CH POE NVR has dedicated Power over Ethernet (POE) built in ports at the rear of the unit. You can simply connect IP cameras to a one CAT6 cable. POE port will power up the camera and download video files on the same CAT Data cable. With Hybrid DVR you don’t have this & you need to buy a separate power supply unit or a POE ethernet switch.
  • Bandwidth – Hybrid DVR has total incoming network bandwidth of 50Meg whereas POE NVR has 8 independent ports with each up to 100Meg (Mbps) & an incoming bandwidth of 80 Meg.
  • POE NVR can display CCTV on screens up to 3840Pixels X 2160Pixels resolution level, Hybrid DVR can only do up to 1080P
  • H.265 Vs H.264 – POE NVR has the latest H.265 High-Efficiency video compression method which will allow super HD Super clear video files that usually take up a lot of storage space to be fully compressed down to a much small file size without losing quality. Hybrid DVR only has H.264 which is couple of years old compression technology


In a nutshell, if you are thinking of installing a future-proof complete IP network HD/Super HD/Ultra HD system then 8Ch POE NVR is the best option, other wise for small upgrades and small to medium scale new installations Hybrid DVR will do the job



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