HD Network IP Outdoor CCTV |2550×1440 Pixels| Super High Definition| Google Drive & DropBox|POE

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  • iProx IP Cameras provide 4 Million Pixel High Definition
  • Image sensor produce 2550 X 1440 Pixels ( which is greater than 1080P Full HD)
  • Google Drive & Dropbox Built in – straight back up to cloud
  • Built in Motion detect sends video & HD images directly to email
  • POE Technology ( Power over Ethernet) make it easy to install using just a one CAT6 cable between NVR & Camera
  • Wide dynamic range   – Automatic adjustment to different lighting conditions
  • IR Cut Filter – for automatic optimum infrared operation
  • Multi angle Ball Joint bracket allows you to adjust the angle of the camera from a single ball joint (modern replacement to old 3axis bracket)
  • 3.6mm Lens provides a 72 degree wider angle view to make camera suitable for many applications
  • Comes with our Central Management Software for advance operations
  • Power full night vision infrared with up to 40meters
  • HIKvision  compatible

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IP Cameras for High-End Residential & Commercial Installations

  • Super HD CMOS image sensor inside this camera provides crispy clear High Definition Video at 2550 X 1440 Pixel level, which is much greater than 1080p Full HD
  • POE  ( Power Over Ethernet) for easy installation
  • Wide Dynamic range
  • IR CUT
  • Outdoor & Indoor use IP66
  • Easy install Ball joint bracket
  • Durable & waterproof Polycarbonate housing
  • Power- Camera can be powered up using POE as explained above or you can supply power separate using a 12Volt adaptor if you don’t have POE switch or an NVR with POE built in.
  • Onvif built in means you can connect this IP camera not Just to iProx video recorders but also other manufactures brands such as Hikvision
  • You can use the camera standalone without an NVR(network video recorder). simply install the camera where you need, power up the camera POE, once it is on the network you can simply type up the IP address of the camera, log in to the interface and set the camera to send you small video clips or high-resolution images directly to your Smart Phone immediately after detecting movements.
  • Google Drive & Dropbox compatible.  link & sync the camera to Google drive account or Dropbox account ( these accounts built into the camera) and set the camera to send & save high-resolution images or short video clips straight to cloud after detection any movements
  • Motion detect built-in – You can manually select motion to detect areas on the video feed, so when it picks up any movements within selected areas it can send video/ high-resolution image files directly to email or to google drive
  • Privacy masking built in
  • Dynamic DNS  Built-in
  • If you are planning to purchase these Network IP Cameras we recommend you to use with our POE 8Channel network video recorder(NVR) box so it can record 24hours to this without any network speed interruptions as NVR has its own Network Card. it wouldn’t even use any of your network bandwidth during normal recording directly to NVR
  • IP Cameras from iProx CCTV can be connected together with HIKVISION NVRs as they are fully compatible with Onfiv standards

iProx IP HD Outdoor is a 2550 X 1440 High Definition  MegaPixel IP Network Camera. If you are an installer POE feature in this camera will come in very handy. Imagine running cables and carrying out time-consuming terminations at the Camera end as well as for DVR/NVR end for video & separate for power ( and then to another power distribution box). Well POE is the answer to cut down the installation time and make the job easy. Single CAT 6 cable does the job of carrying power to the camera and bringing Video feed/footage back to the BOX. Thanks to built-in POE ports in our NVR range this has become almost a plug and play job for the installer.


Some of the high tech features 

  • Google Drive & DropBox compatible – You can set up the camera to directly send high definition images of any detected movements directly to your google drive or Dropbox folder
  • Get video feed or HD images sent directly to email: set the camera to email you with a small video clip of detected movements straight after detection.
  • Dynamic DNS features- if you are techie & into networking stuff, this is a handy feature for setting up dynamic DNS for IPs
  • 3 Video Streams – mainstream, Sub Stream & now even it has Tri Stream, these are all for setting up different video feeds for different equipment to see video feed faster
  • P2P function for cloud CCTV access

So let’s have a look at the technical specs

    • High-Definition  CMOS Image Sensor
    • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) built-in to these IP cameras

IR-Cut mechanism for Built-in InWater-resistant

  • resistant to IP66 international standards ( so you can install indoor or outdoor)
  • Has a night vision range of up to 40meters
  • Size of the cameras is 165mm X 80mm X 88mm
  • it only weight 620 Grams
  • Durable Polycarbonate housing
  • H.265 latest video compression technology

H.265 video compression is one of the main advanced features in this camera as it helps to send high-quality HD video footage from camera to video recorder in small file sizes, so it doesn’t consume much of the bandwidth & stream video much faster due to its smaller file size


  • Access anywhere from smartphone app, tablet, iPad, Android or even PC computer using ie web browser


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