16 Channel DVR Hybrid | HD TVI Turbo HD DVR | IP Camera + Analog HD | CVI,TVI,AHD,Analog & IP

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  • Professional Grade 16 Channel 1080p High Definition Video Recorder
  • For High End residential, Commercial & Industrial CCTV installations
  • Hybrid DVR compatible with HD1080p TVI,CVI,AHD & DigitalIPs
  • Cloud base remote access app for smart-phone, tablet & PC
  •  Audio recording capability
  • Fully licenced central management software
  • Motion detect recording
  • Dynamic DNS & Email server built-in
  • Up to 6TB recoding facility

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cctv for petrol station forecourtiProx 1080p High Definition Hybrid  Video recorders have been installed across many UK commercial & industrial CCTV applications. Mainly ranging from filling stations such as BP, ESSO to industrial warehouse units and offices across UK.  Above image is from one of the BP sites in StNeots Cambridgeshire where 16 camera HD 1080p system has been installed along with iProx Hybrid Video Recorders

What type of CCTV cameras works with this hybrid DVR?

  • Recent arrivals such as HD-TVI ( high definition high-frequency cameras)
  • HD-CVI Similar to above
  • AHD (analogue high definition)
  • And finally, future-proof IP cameras, multi-compatible with other brands & cameras that are compliant with Onvif standard (majority of the mainstream  cameras out there are compatible with Onvif)

Technical specification 

  • it has HDMI video out for modern CCTV Display screes, VGA Output for your old PC monitor & even a BNC output for BNC CCTV monitor
  • Advanced video coding compression
  • Audio inputs & Outputs
  • HD quality recording up to 1080P
  • You can preview at 1080p or 720P
  • Dynamic DNS & an email Server built in to send you notifications on motion detect
  • Has 2 X USB ports and a 1 X RJ45 Port for network
  • Up to 6TB Hard Disc drives can be connected
  • Comes with a full-blown state of the art Central management software for your PC for more advanced video management with the license.
  •  Remote access to the unit from anywhere in the world from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC
  • Latest Cloud base remote access system



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