Maintaining your security camera

CCTVs or closed circuit televisions are excellent solution to protect your business. It is used to deter crime and other activities that will highly affect your business. When you already have security cameras installed in your home or business, you don’t have to think about other things especially you are already secured. You will not worry about thefts, drive offs, break ins, and such because all these things are caught up by your CCTV. In order to ensure good protection and maximum performance, you will need to have time to check your security cameras regularly. Here are some tips for you to protect your computer.

  1. Check your camera lenses. You need to clean your camera by using a can blower to it to remove the dusts around the corner of its lenses before wiping it with a fibre cloth. This prevents smudges that will affect the video quality of your camera.
  2. Check area for some blockage to your camera. Secure your camera to a place where there are no things that will block its view. You have to trim down stems or leaves that protrude towards the camera. These things can block the view of your camera which can affect its performance.
  3. Double check the wirings for some corrosion. Make sure you need to double check the wirings of your camera to ensure that there are no cuts or corrosions that can affect its quality. This can also prevent from shocks and low performance of your camera.
  4. Dust off your Video Recorder. You need to wipe out the dust on your NVR or DVR to make sure that it will not go inside. Use fibre cloth in wiping your DVR.
  5. Check housing of the camera. Open up the housing of your camera to make sure that there are no dusts or water securing in. This is also a way to make sure that the housing is still doing its function.
  6. Review recordings regularly. Checking its video quality regularly helps you ensure that your camera system still functioning well and can do its job whenever there are major incidents occur.
  7. Check your Hard Drive regularly. In this case you really need to check on it whether it is already full or not. You need to back up your videos since it will be deleted on the drive once it is full.
  8. Consult cameras to your license electricians. You need to schedule for an appointment to your electrician to really ensure that your cameras are still in optimal condition. They can give you suggestions as well to how they can keep your security cameras for long.

Those mentioned above are the things you need to do in order to maintain and ensure your cameras are still in full potential to protect you and your business. If you are interested with our services, you may call us at this number 01582207257 or visit our website for more.

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