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Last time, I wrote a blog about analog HD cameras with  its functions, specifications and more. As you all know, Analog HD cameras can already record HD quality videos but if you want to have a clearer and crispier quality, IP camera is your perfect fit. So, what are IP cameras?

Internet Protocol Cameras or commonly called as IP cameras are security cameras used to protect large business or even in your home. It has the ability to send data over your network or the internet. With its accessibility at your hands, IP cameras are considered to be more advanced than analog HD cameras and are rising to the top in the market.

IP cameras have POE function that won’t require lots of wiring which allows easy installation. The CAT 6 cable brings power to both IP camera and your Network Video Recorder or NVR. NVR used to connect your IP cameras works great because of its plug and play feature. By easily plugging the CAT 6 cable to the NVR, it will enable both the NVR and your IP cameras.

Since it is connected via network or internet (which matches the IP of the cameras) you can easily access these cameras through your mobile phone anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is match its IP address so you can have the control over it.

Aside from its POE functions and accessibility, let’s also tackle its video quality and how it stands to be more advance than other security cameras. IP Camera’s image sensor produces 2550 x 1440 pixels which is higher than 1080p high definition. Imagine how high it is to get details compared to an entry level of high definition. Also it has a wide dynamic range which covers wide area and it’s suitable for many applications.

With its numerous functions and features, IP cameras deliver great quality and protection good for businesses. Have a look at our IP Cameras here for you to check out more.

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