CCTV System Diagram

cctv diagram

In this setup, you have 3 analog HD cameras, 1 digital video recorder, 1 monitor, internet connection, and mobile phone. This refers to a simple set-up which is practical and already excellent for your business or in your home.

In the next blog we will tackle the setup for Internet Protocol Cameras but right now let us understand the concept of this CCTV system.

First you have to connect your analog HD cameras to your digital video recorder. Our digital video recorder is a hybrid one which means that it supports your old analog cameras and AHD cameras which run by a coaxial cable. With a network port on the back of the DVR, you can also plug an IP camera if you are planning to install one.

When all of your cameras are connected already to the DVR, have your monitor ready to connect to it. In this way if you want to have a live monitoring, it is necessary for you to purchase one. This is applicable to medium business like convenience stores, off-licenses, and many more. The monitor is on your discretion whether you are going to purchase one or not. Also, it is not included to our supply and installation package but if you want to add it up to us then additional charges may incur.

If you have an access to the internet you may connect the CAT 6 cable to the DVR. In this way you can access it wirelessly and remotely to your mobile or to another computer at home via internet. The speed of the internet may also affect the video quality which means that the higher the bandwidth of your internet, it will give you an excellent quality. Thus slow internet connection will decrease its quality.

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