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CCTV camera is a tool to protect your business or home from unlawful events. This can be a form of theft/robbery (which is very basic), harassment, assault, fraud, and other crimes. With the presence of CCTVs, the rate of crimes is lower compared to when these are not considered as necessities for protection. The ability to deter crimes allows the value of security cameras to flourish and became a need for most businesses and home.

Considering the fact that CCTV can protect and secure you, an increase of assurance to safety is likely to happen. It can give you a positive and sound mind knowing that you are being protected. Thus, this is very helpful to people who experienced trauma from being robbed at home, stolen in the public, being harassed, and even being sexually abused.

The ease that security cameras can give you is a good indication that these are very helpful to you. Ease in such a way that you can access your cameras through your mobile phone even when you are away. Imagine how light it is in your part. You can save more time and even do multitasking rather than doing monitor watch every minute.

Apart from protection, it can also increase the safety in your workplace and wherever it is applicable. In this way you can monitor if your employees did follow the safety procedures of your company. You can also monitor all areas that need attention when safety is being breached. It will help you to respond faster and can save cost. This can be applied in factories, large scale businesses, and more.

In businesses, it can help you to boost your production. With the presence of CCTVs, workers will comply because they are highly monitored. In addition, it can also Increase professionalism in the workplace thus making your business more appealing to customers. Also, the most important thing here is you can monitor everything in your business and save tons of money.

With all the things being discussed above, value is not just about the price of CCTV security cameras. It is not about how cheap or costly it is. Rather, it is more on how it will affect you personally may it be in your business or home.

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Security Cameras

First of all, analog cameras or the traditional CCTVs are considered obsolete. Aside from having low video and image quality, it cannot secure and protect your business further.

If you want to upgrade your analog camera, then choose HD Analog Cameras or IP (Internet Protocol) cameras.

cctv video camera

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What are Analog HD Cameras?

These are security cameras that can record High Definition Video. If you wish to upgrade your analog camera without changing the wiring and better quality, then analog HD cameras are great for you.

Here are some features of Analog HD Cameras:

  1. This camera is suitable for small to medium residential or commercial installations.
  2. It runs in coaxial cable
  3. It has 1080 pixel entry level of high definition
  4. Has night-vision infrared
  5. It comes with vandal resistant metallic housing
  6. Budget friendly camera that can give you an excellent protection quality.

When you upgrade your analog cameras to HD level then you will be blown away by its quality. It can already view details from afar because of its HD resolution. Also, it is simple to use and is cost-effective.

What are IP Cameras?

These are network cameras that can transmit video and audio via your network or with the use of internet cables. IP cameras are much better than the Analog HD cameras when it comes to better resolution.

Here are its features that makes IP cameras better than Analog HD cameras:

  1. It has 4MP Hi definition video quality
  2. It produces 2550 x 1440 pixels which is greater than Analog HD cameras which has 1080 pixels
  3. Has the ability to send video and images directly to your email
  4. Can be connected to your Google Drive
  5. These are powered by POE (Power Over Ethernet) using one CAT 6 Cable
  6. Can be access using your smartphone

These are just some of the superb features of IP cameras. If you want to know more about IP cameras then check out our website for more details.

IP cameras produce an excellent video quality because of its technological features. Along with it, you can view it using your mobile phone. Furthermore, these IP cameras can go wireless because it will automatically connect via IP address.

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Security Cameras Improves Productivity

How does CCTV affects business?

You might be thinking why is CCTV  so popular nowadays in small to large businesses. Well, you are in the right place and just one step of enhancing productivity to your business.

CCTVs are not limited for protection of crime but it also leads to more contributions to your business’ productivity:

  1. Prevents Crime and Theft – Security against criminal acts is very important in business. It protects both the employer as well as the employees. Installing such to your business helps you recognize who commits the crime and can be an excellent source during investigation.
  2. Increase Customer Satisfaction – The presence of CCTV security cameras allow employers to study and analyse which area of the business that needs to be improve in order to meet the preferences of the customers.
  1. Increase Profits – Profits on the other hand increases once customer satisfaction has been established. More customers will flock your business once they know that they are safe and secure in your business.
  2. Improve Employee’s Performance – Installing CCTV cameras enables you to monitor the behaviour and can pick up signals to those who are working hard and those who are just messing up in your business. Employees on the other hand will act in a manner that they can contribute well and use their time effectively.

These are reasons that will help you increase the productivity of your business with the help of CCTV security cameras.

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Security Cameras For Your Business

Analog HD Cameras
ip cameras

Do I need CCTV cameras for my business ? What CCTV do I have to purchase?

Those are just typical questions that you are going to ask if you are running  a business or shall I say you are not sure of what CCTV cameras you’re going to buy.

These  security cameras or CCTVs are not just for protection purposes but there are number of  reasons why you should install them. Here are the reasons that you are going to consider.

  1. Prevention of Theft and Crime
  • This is the most important thing to consider. Crime nowadays are very rampant that we cannot afford to lose something which is very essential in business. The presence of such cameras blocks the idea of stealing or any crimes that may happen.
  1. Evidence
  • CCTVs records all the incidents happened from the time you open the shop up until the next day. In this way, recordings can be used to analyze situations or even as a proof during legal matters. With the HD Quality of security cameras, you can easily recognize details which are very important in investigation.
  1. Monitoring
  • One cool idea of Hi-Definition CCTV cameras is the ability to access it thru your mobile phone. Imagine how easy it is for you to monitor customers and even your employees by using your android phone even when you are away for a vacation.
  1. Huge Storage
  • In the earlier time, it takes lots of process before you can access the recordings of your CCTV. Converting and compressing the recording may also be longer before you can access the recording. Recording nowadays are digital wherein it will store to your Digital Video Recorder easily for it acts as well as an excellent storage system.
  1. Customer Satisfaction
  • You can use security cameras by studying the behaviors of your customers to what attracts them or to come up with an idea on how to improve your services in order to satisfy your customers.

To summarize things up, CCTV Security Cameras benefits you and your business and not being mentioned above, you can also save money from it and thus involves decision making on what kind of CCTV cameras you are going to purchase..

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