Security Footage

CCTV or security cameras are not just to deter crimes and prevent thefts from coming in to your shop or home. They can also be used to record footages that can be reviewed and download any time. With this concept, it is easy for us to control our security cameras by accessing those using iVMS 4200.

IVMS 4200 is video management software used to access your Network Video and Digital Video Recorder, IP cameras and many more. It has multiple functions that you can access like remote playback, live view, recording and many more.

A drive off case issue has come up in your shop. You need to see what really happened during that time and it is very important for you the details of the car and many more. Well, this can never be a problem to you since your security camera recorded all the events plus you can playback it over the ivms4200.

Once you opened already on the ivms4200 platform, you need to click on remote playback. Then you need to click on your IP camera/s or whatever IP camera you want to view. Drag it over to the 1st video box. You can right click on the video box and click on download button. For now, the download is already finished. Locate then the download video over the Ivms folder on drive C in your computer.

You can choose the time, date, and tags as your way to download footages. Setting the date and time will let you download the specific events of the day and the tags are just some presets of recordings that is located on the right side of the video box.

Reviewing videos of your security camera is also an important key to secure your business. You really need to check on the events to see whether there are some helpful videos needed in an investigation. In order for you to have the full control over your security cameras, you must explore iVMS 4200.

You can call us at this number 01582207257 to know more about our services. Check out also for our IP cameras, video recorders and many more.

If you want also to be protected by inspecting and testing your electrical system by our licensed electrician, we can extend our services also. We also want to cater your electrical needs to prevent home fire and shock. Call us 0794363052 if you have electrical questions and concerns.

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Maintaining your security camera

CCTVs or closed circuit televisions are excellent solution to protect your business. It is used to deter crime and other activities that will highly affect your business. When you already have security cameras installed in your home or business, you don’t have to think about other things especially you are already secured. You will not worry about thefts, drive offs, break ins, and such because all these things are caught up by your CCTV. In order to ensure good protection and maximum performance, you will need to have time to check your security cameras regularly. Here are some tips for you to protect your computer.

  1. Check your camera lenses. You need to clean your camera by using a can blower to it to remove the dusts around the corner of its lenses before wiping it with a fibre cloth. This prevents smudges that will affect the video quality of your camera.
  2. Check area for some blockage to your camera. Secure your camera to a place where there are no things that will block its view. You have to trim down stems or leaves that protrude towards the camera. These things can block the view of your camera which can affect its performance.
  3. Double check the wirings for some corrosion. Make sure you need to double check the wirings of your camera to ensure that there are no cuts or corrosions that can affect its quality. This can also prevent from shocks and low performance of your camera.
  4. Dust off your Video Recorder. You need to wipe out the dust on your NVR or DVR to make sure that it will not go inside. Use fibre cloth in wiping your DVR.
  5. Check housing of the camera. Open up the housing of your camera to make sure that there are no dusts or water securing in. This is also a way to make sure that the housing is still doing its function.
  6. Review recordings regularly. Checking its video quality regularly helps you ensure that your camera system still functioning well and can do its job whenever there are major incidents occur.
  7. Check your Hard Drive regularly. In this case you really need to check on it whether it is already full or not. You need to back up your videos since it will be deleted on the drive once it is full.
  8. Consult cameras to your license electricians. You need to schedule for an appointment to your electrician to really ensure that your cameras are still in optimal condition. They can give you suggestions as well to how they can keep your security cameras for long.

Those mentioned above are the things you need to do in order to maintain and ensure your cameras are still in full potential to protect you and your business. If you are interested with our services, you may call us at this number 01582207257 or visit our website for more.

If you want also to be protected by inspecting and testing your electrical system by our licensed electrician, we can extend our services also. We also want to cater your electrical needs to prevent home fire and shock. Call us 0794363052 if you have electrical questions and concerns.

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5 Ways To Improve Security In Schools

School security is the number one priority to some areas around the world. We all heard about the latest issue about school shooting in Florida, USA. The gunman had killed 17 students inside the school and left number of students traumatized and scared after the said incident.

This issue didn’t happen in just one state but also there are other similar news happened from different countries. With such incidents, people are now awaken to the truth that  we don’t know when and where this shooting will happen again but it is the time to be vigilant  and aware of the security of our children in school.

However, let us not forget that there are things that we have to do to enhance and maximize security measures in order to protect students and prevent casualties from this kind of horrible incidents. So let us take a look at these 5 ways to protect your school.

  1. Install security cameras to prone areas

You must be able to know these areas where you think incidents can happen. Not only we have to look to these incidents but we also have to know that these places can be potential for student’s activities, hideout places, standby area, and many more. Such places need to have security cameras installed in order to deter criminal activities plus you can monitor every student’s behaviour and can have the full control of it.

  1. Consider to have a security camera system

If you have security cameras available already in school, it would be best if you have a security camera system installed as well. In this way you will be able to record and monitor student’s behaviour and even their safety. With its record function, you can use it as evidence during legal purposes. This can result also to immediate action from the school towards a student or personnel who committed the crime.

  1. Choose the best quality of security cameras

Knowing that crimes are prone nowadays, the demands of security cameras will heightened to some point that quality our outnumbered by quantity. With this kind of situation you must know where and who to purchase since these (security cameras) can be your first line of defence for protection in school.

  1. Be always prepared

You need to be prepared at all times in order not to protect yourself but also have awareness on what to do. Having an alert state of mind can help you think on what’s the best thing to do if these incidents will come. Regardless of the situation, you will be able to know which will be a good place for you to hide, what are things you need to do, and even you can help save lives in on this situation.

  1. Have an emergency plan

If ever this kind of incidents will happen again, results will be students will just run off to some areas and doesn’t even know where to go and what to do. This can result as a potential victim for the shooter. Having an emergency plan enables you to act fast and efficient which results to zero casualties.

Above are just some ways that you can protect your school from these crimes. We don’t know when these kinds of incidents will happen but following these ways is an excellent solution to improve the security of the school.

Interested to have security cameras installed to your premises? You may visit our website to check our quality product s and services. Here in HDCCTV cameras, we don’t just sell out cameras to you but we are going to make sure that our services are quality because your security is our priority. Give us a call at this number 01582207257 for your FREE quotation .

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5 Steps To Protect Your Home

cctv for cottages

Step 1: 

Identify the potential areas in your house to where you are planning to install security cameras. You really need to focus on areas where you want to watch or let us just say those areas where people are used to stay. Once you know these areas, have this one in your mind and check whether there are things that block the view so you can get a good coverage. 

Here are some places that you have to consider to where it is best to install cameras.

Outside the house

  1. Porch
  2. Front Door
  3. Back door
  4. Alley ways
  5. Top most portion just a little bit below the gutter

Inside the house

  1. Living Room
  2. Kitchen
  3. Dining Area
  4. Stairways
  5. Infant Room

Above are just some examples to where it is best to place or install your security cameras. These can also depend on what type of house your living in, how spacious your place is, and many more.

CCTV Supply & Installation by Rus

Step 2: 

Consult an Electrician for you to able to know what needs to consider during installation. These may include how long the wiring  will be, where is it safe to put your DVR or NVR, how many cameras that you are going to install, what type of house you are living, and many more. Also you have to make sure that you are being consulted with one who has a license for you to ensure quality products or services. This will help you as well to prevent a half-raw installation which problems will arise soon.  Working with a licensed electrician allows you to save money from unnecessary costs and the ease of mind is a gain on your part.

ip cctv 4mp 2mp hd coaxial camera

Step 3:

Once you already have an electrician, this is the phase where you want to decide what type of camera that you are going to purchase. There are types of cameras in the market right now at a good price. Analog HD cameras for example will cost you around less than 100pounds but IP cameras are more costly because of its quality and specifications. This decision is beyond the control of your budget but rest assured you will have one to protect your home. If you are going for a minimal budget then Analog or AHD Cameras are good for you but if you want to have an excellent quality then IP Cameras are perfect for you.

Step 4: 

Now that you know what is best for your home then this will be the phase where you have to install it by yourself or you want it done by installers. If you have a background and knowledge about installing security cameras then installing it on your own will not be a problem for you. But if you are someone who doesn’t know what are the measurements to follow, where and how to install, then you really have to avail on the supply and installation services. Think of it that you don’t have to exert huge efforts in climbing up and down, rewiring, and setting things up during installation.

Step 5: 

Once your cameras are installed already, you can now have the full control of your home. You can do whatever you want without worrying about your safety. Living inside a home that’s safe and secure is one important thing to live a happy life. If you want to avail to our services, you may visit our website and be protected NOW. 

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CCTV System Diagram

cctv diagram

In this setup, you have 3 analog HD cameras, 1 digital video recorder, 1 monitor, internet connection, and mobile phone. This refers to a simple set-up which is practical and already excellent for your business or in your home.

In the next blog we will tackle the setup for Internet Protocol Cameras but right now let us understand the concept of this CCTV system.

First you have to connect your analog HD cameras to your digital video recorder. Our digital video recorder is a hybrid one which means that it supports your old analog cameras and AHD cameras which run by a coaxial cable. With a network port on the back of the DVR, you can also plug an IP camera if you are planning to install one.

When all of your cameras are connected already to the DVR, have your monitor ready to connect to it. In this way if you want to have a live monitoring, it is necessary for you to purchase one. This is applicable to medium business like convenience stores, off-licenses, and many more. The monitor is on your discretion whether you are going to purchase one or not. Also, it is not included to our supply and installation package but if you want to add it up to us then additional charges may incur.

If you have an access to the internet you may connect the CAT 6 cable to the DVR. In this way you can access it wirelessly and remotely to your mobile or to another computer at home via internet. The speed of the internet may also affect the video quality which means that the higher the bandwidth of your internet, it will give you an excellent quality. Thus slow internet connection will decrease its quality.

This is just a simple CCTV system and if you want to know more of our services you can visit us at our website. For your FREE advice and quotation, you can give us a call at this number 01582207257.

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Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

8ch hybrid video recorder copy

Hybrid DVR is a quality video recorder that can record video and data. This DVR can support both Analog HD and traditional analog cameras which makes it more valuable to small and medium businesses. This can be use as well for IP cameras if you are planning to upgrade your analog cameras.

Aside from the fact that it can support your old security cameras, these hybrid cameras are cost effective since you don’t have to spend an extra dime for rewiring in your home and business. This can also cause you your time and efforts since rewiring can mess up your business in a day.

These hybrid video recorders have multi-function that can playback videos, support mobility access, serves as storage, and records video. It also has dynamic DNS which can send detected motions directly to your email.

With its functions, these hybrid digital video recorders can play a significant role to small and medium businesses. You don’t have to spend more money for an IP cameras and Network Video Recorder. This saves your time and even your budget since you can reuse your old security cameras. A combination of your old cameras plus analog HD cameras can surely protect you and your business already.

If you want to be benefited by our services, you may visit us here. You can check out our products which are of a good price plus we offer our quality supply and installation services.

Our goal is to protect our customer cost-effectively and surely. It doesn’t have to be expensive to secure and protect your business. I can assure you that here in HDCCTVcamera we will give all the best to protect businesses and customers.

You may want to call us for more information and avail your FREE quotation and advice at this number 01582207257 or 07984363052

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IP Cameras

IP Cameras 4MP ip HD cctv bullet camera

Last time, I wrote a blog about analog HD cameras with  its functions, specifications and more. As you all know, Analog HD cameras can already record HD quality videos but if you want to have a clearer and crispier quality, IP camera is your perfect fit. So, what are IP cameras?

Internet Protocol Cameras or commonly called as IP cameras are security cameras used to protect large business or even in your home. It has the ability to send data over your network or the internet. With its accessibility at your hands, IP cameras are considered to be more advanced than analog HD cameras and are rising to the top in the market.

IP cameras have POE function that won’t require lots of wiring which allows easy installation. The CAT 6 cable brings power to both IP camera and your Network Video Recorder or NVR. NVR used to connect your IP cameras works great because of its plug and play feature. By easily plugging the CAT 6 cable to the NVR, it will enable both the NVR and your IP cameras.

Since it is connected via network or internet (which matches the IP of the cameras) you can easily access these cameras through your mobile phone anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is match its IP address so you can have the control over it.

Aside from its POE functions and accessibility, let’s also tackle its video quality and how it stands to be more advance than other security cameras. IP Camera’s image sensor produces 2550 x 1440 pixels which is higher than 1080p high definition. Imagine how high it is to get details compared to an entry level of high definition. Also it has a wide dynamic range which covers wide area and it’s suitable for many applications.

With its numerous functions and features, IP cameras deliver great quality and protection good for businesses. Have a look at our IP Cameras here for you to check out more.

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Supply and Installation Services

Here in HDCCTVCameras, we don’t just sell out security cameras but rather we also install it for you. Imagine how convenient that is on your part. Along with it, we also give advice for you to have an idea on what to be done. This way we can also assess what type and how many cameras we are going to  install in your home or business.

 If you have an access to your mobile or personal computer then you can just fill out the form below our installation package at this link for us to know some information needed for installation. You can also see from the given link all that are included with our package.

There are cases that installation can be complicated. This includes the wiring, safety of your digital video recorder/network video recorder, type of ceiling, and many more. In this way we can give you alternatives and solutions that will reinforce these complications. Thus, there is a need for us to survey your location in order to have an excellent and successful installation.

Once we will be able to know your needs, we will then process your request. After 2-3 days, our team will go to your place and install them.

If there are things that need to be attend, our team will respond immediately. In this way, we will not let our customers wait. We value you and your security is our top priority.

We have helped businesses already around UK and all of them have no complaints regarding our services but rather they gave us good remarks on how our service being done to them. Aside from being fast, quality service is what we’re upholding for we have excellent installers and staffs that will cater your needs in a more convenient way.

If you want to experience quality services in securing your area, then contact us at this number 01582207257 for more information. You can visit also our website by clicking her



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Analog HD

Analog HD Cameras

What are Analog High Definition Cameras?

Analog high definition CCTV is a security camera that uses coaxial cable to transmit video from the camera down to your digital video recorder. This come in different types either it can be a bullet type or a dome camera.

This are better than those analog cameras being introduced before. In the present time Analog HD are considered as old and out in the market. This is the reason why people purchase Analog HD Cameras to fully protect themselves.

Compared to analog cameras, Analog HD has an entry level of high definition quality that paves it way to the market. But if you want to have a crispier and higher quality then you will consider buying IP cameras.

There are many features that made Analog HD security cameras stand out. It has a wide dynamic range that can access a good coverage, night vision that will protect you from night time, low illumination, 3D noise reduction, and more.

The installation of Analog HD Cameras is not complicated because it is compatible to the cables you used from your analog cameras. With the hybrid digital video recorder, it can support both the analog cameras and the new analog HD.

If you want to upgrade to IP cameras, you need to have an NVR or Network Video Recorder that supports both IP and Analog HD Cameras.

This security camera has the ability to zoom in and out either during live access or video playback. It can support 720p up to 1080p that it can recognize details from afar like facial recognition. Click here for the sample quality of analog high definition security camera.

Check out more of our Analog HD Camera here. We also offer supply and installation services and if you are interested then visit us at our website to start being protected today in your home and business.


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10 Tips To Consider Before Installing CCTV Security Cameras

Security is the best option to consider in your home. This can help you to live a peaceful life and have a full control even when you are away. Furthermore, you can also do the things that you want to do without worrying about your security. Knowing that you are well protected by security cameras, you can also monitor all the people that are going in to your house.

Here are 10 tips that you are going to consider.

  1. Know the location where you want to put up the cameras.

Consider the area where many people will go in and out for this is the most important thing to view. Also, anticipate the areas where most like burglars will break in. These could be in the alley, back door, and many more.  You have to consider an area where there is a good coverage to achieve full security and protection. You may click on this link for more information.

  1. Choose what type of CCTV Camera is good for you

You can choose different types of camera at our site This can either be Bullet Type Cameras or Dome Camera. Both cameras do have the same quality but its design has some advantages and disadvantages. Bullet type cameras are considered to be more practical for your home. With its waterproof casings, these are more located outside to cover wide area. On the other hand, Dome Cameras can be installed inside to fit in with the design of your home and it covers a large conference due to its rotating ability

  1. Consider the quality

When choosing a CCTV camera, sometimes you have to follow the rule “Quality over Quantity”. You have to consider its quality because it will be useless if you will purchase lots of cameras but then it cannot give you the certain quality that you are looking for. HDCCTV provides you with Analog HD Camera that has an entry level of Hi-Definition and IP Cameras which has superior quality over Analog HD Cameras. It depends on your choice and budget but rest assured all of the CCTV cameras are of good quality. Check out here to.

  1. Nightvision

Protection during daytime will never be a problem but how about during at night time? Consider one that has night vision access to fully protect you from day and night.

  1. Location where to put the Video Recorder

It is very important to put Video Recorder at a place where it is safe and cannot be seen by criminals directly. If so, there is no sense of putting it up because they can access through it and will delete the videos or they will just destroy it instantly. Again, put it to where it cannot be notice.

  1. Good Internet Speed

Internet Speed is very important here because it can affect the quality of the video when you are accessing it remotely. Low internet speed will cause the video to drop its quality and may cause lags while viewing it. Higher Speed gives you good quality of the video and it can download faster over to your Google Drive.

  1. Huge Storage

Storage is also important to consider because this is where all the footage will be stored. I advised you to have a 1TeraByte or more.

  1. Invest a good monitor

Make sure that if you will purchase one it is compatible to the quality of your camera. The more your monitor has a good specs then the more you can have an excellent quality.

  1. A trusted and good Maintenance Team

You have to consider this tip because there are companies that will just give you cameras without any recommendations. I recommend you to have as your maintenance team. They act faster and give you quality service.

  1. Choose HDCCTVCameras

If you are interested to secure your home, visit us at . You can now be protected and secured by our quality HD Cameras.


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