Analog HD

Analog HD Cameras

What are Analog High Definition Cameras?

Analog high definition CCTV is a security camera that uses coaxial cable to transmit video from the camera down to your digital video recorder. This come in different types either it can be a bullet type or a dome camera.

This are better than those analog cameras being introduced before. In the present time Analog HD are considered as old and out in the market. This is the reason why people purchase Analog HD Cameras to fully protect themselves.

Compared to analog cameras, Analog HD has an entry level of high definition quality that paves it way to the market. But if you want to have a crispier and higher quality then you will consider buying IP cameras.

There are many features that made Analog HD security cameras stand out. It has a wide dynamic range that can access a good coverage, night vision that will protect you from night time, low illumination, 3D noise reduction, and more.

The installation of Analog HD Cameras is not complicated because it is compatible to the cables you used from your analog cameras. With the hybrid digital video recorder, it can support both the analog cameras and the new analog HD.

If you want to upgrade to IP cameras, you need to have an NVR or Network Video Recorder that supports both IP and Analog HD Cameras.

This security camera has the ability to zoom in and out either during live access or video playback. It can support 720p up to 1080p that it can recognize details from afar like facial recognition. Click here for the sample quality of analog high definition security camera.

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